Monday, January 27, 2014

Resources for Marxist Theory

Hi everyone. I am not going to be regularly making posts, as I am only auditing the course. But I thought I'd share a few resources for those looking for supplemental reading/viewing material. The first is a Resources for Marxist Theory reading list put together by Paul Heideman that has links to many article length texts on questions ranging from political economy, the state, socialist organization, women's oppression, class and class analysis, and racism and race. Another great visual and audio resoure is WeAReMany. I saw that several earlier posts reference Dana Cloud. WeAreMany has three audio recordings of talks she has given at an annual conference calls Socialism. The link to her talks is here: Another great resource for articles coming from contemporary marxist perspectives in the International Socialist Review. They have just relaunched their journal and articles are all free online. A particularly useful article considering our early readings, "Is there Anything to defend in Political Marxism," by Neil Davidson, can be found here: Looking forward to class discussion.

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